Montessori School at Emory is located in the heart of Decatur Georgia, a short drive from Emory University’s Main Campus. We are a private school educating children from 15 months to 14 years of age providing authentic Montessori education.

We are AMI - Association Montessori Internationalé Accredited with degreed, AMI certified teachers at every level. AMI training is the most rigorous Montessori training that exists. We create independent learning environments for our children to set the stage for a life long love of learning.

Our classrooms are not only classrooms but communities. The children learn how to be active participants in their community and learn to be compassionate, caring, and responsible leaders.

We cherish diversity in our school, welcoming families from all over the world. Being immersed in an environment full of difference, the children naturally learn about a variety of nationalities, religions, and customs. They build emotional connections and awareness through cooperative learning allowing for an understanding and appreciation of each child’s gifts and contributions.

The children use materials to learn basic concepts and build skills they will draw from throughout the rest of their lives. This aides in the development of their sensorial abilities, imagination, and reasoning minds also known as the foundation for intelligence.

Aside from the hands-on learning curriculum, our school is open year round giving parents optimum care during traditional school breaks, “teacher work days”, and off periods. Our families have the ability to drop off as early as 7 am to take advantage of our no–cost before care and we encourage them to look into our tuition options for extended day services.

Our children flourish and generally graduate into honors or advanced programs. Through the guidance of our teachers and their own hard work and perseverance, Montessori School at Emory students excel and confidently step into society ready to make their mark.