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How To Apply

How to Apply for Scholarships

Thank you for your interest in the Apogee Scholarship Fund. Apogee works closely with its partner schools in the scholarship award process. If interested in applying for an Apogee scholarship, please contact the school of your choice to inquire about what financial assistance opportunities are available.

Each year the DOE provides an updated maximum scholarship award amount.

For awards made in 2024, the max scholarship amount per student is $12,857 per calendar year


Beyond the internal requirements of Apogee's partner schools, scholarship applicants must also meet the following requirements as defined in HB 283:

  • Eligible to enroll in a public Pre-K, Kindergarten, or 1st Grade or ...
  • Coming from a public school to a private school for the first time or ...
  • Coming from a home-school (1 year min) or charter school environment for the first time or ...
  • Previously received an SSO Scholarship or ...
  • Attended a minimum of 45 days of public school prior to enrolling at a qualified private school
  • Has evidence of a documented case of bullying in the public school system
  • Districted for a failing public school as defined by the Governor's Office of Student Achievement¬†